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Complete medical checkup consultation fee assistance

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How to use complete medical checkup examination fee assistance

How to consult

Receive by using the “Medical Checkup Appointment System” in the “Health Service Business Lineup”

  1. From the list of contract medical institutions, decide on the institution you would prefer for your consultation.
    (Contract medical institutions are listed in the Medical Checkup Appointment System.)
  2. Call the medical institution and make an appointment for a complete medical checkup consultation.
    (If you are going to have optional examinations, make all appointments together.)
  3. Register your appointment details on the Medical Checkup Appointment System and print out the resulting “medical checkup consultation approval”.
  4. Receive your complete medical checkup, bringing the “medical checkup consultation approval” and your “health insurance card.”
    If there are co-payments which need to be made at medical institutions, pay them at the consultation and collect a receipt.
  5. A co-payment paid at medical institutions can be adjusted by using Cafeteria points. Please adjust your co-payment using “Application for use of points after medical checkup consultation (relevant person, family member).
Required documents

Voluntary continuation insured person and his/her dependents

Contact information 【Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Health Insurance Association】
Place of submission (Consignment Company)
【Value HR Co. Ltd. Medical check Customer Service】
 A-PLACE Yoyogi 2F, 5-23-15 Sendagaya, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 151-0051

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