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When an insured person makes a temporary payment

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Through health insurance, the full amount temporarily paid to a medical institution, etc. may be reclaimed afterwards as a benefit from the health insurance association.

When an insured person makes a temporary payment

Documents required

  • See below
Submission deadline Promptly
Relevant persons Insured person and/or dependent meeting the conditions in the reasons below, subject to provision
Contact information 【Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Health Insurance Association】
Place of submission 【Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Health Insurance Association】
4-1-47, Sunadabashi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya City,Aichi 461-0045
Remarks For details of provision and documents required, please see the table below.
Reasons subject to provision of medical treatment cost Documents attached to claim form
Consultation without having health insurance card to hand, due to sudden illness Receipt
Receiving a raw blood transfusion Receipt, blood transfusion certification
Purchase and installation of a therapeutic accessory such as an artificial arm, artificial leg, artificial eye or corset, by direction of a doctor Receipt, certification of insurance doctor
When receiving acupuncture or moxibustion, massage or acupressure treatments with the approval from a doctor Receipt, letter of consent from insurance doctor
Child under age of nine is prescribed or purchases glasses, contact lens for treatment of childhood amblyopia, etc. Receipt, copy of prescription, etc., patient examination result
Purchasing elastic stockings, etc., for treatment of lymphedema of limbs Receipt, prescription from insurance doctor
Consultation at medical institutions overseas Please inquire with Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Health Insurance Association which documents should be attached.

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