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Association outline

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Business Summary

(As of January 31, 2015)

Date of establishment July 1, 1981
Location 4-1-47, Sunadabashi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya City,Aichi 461-0045
Number of insured persons 9,347 persons
Men: 7,955
Women: 1,392
Number of non-working dependents 3,722 persons
Insurance rate General
9.43% (including adjusted premium rate)
(Business owner: 5.00%, insured person: 4.43%)
Nursing care
(Business owner: 0.8%, insured person: 0.8%)

Finances of the Health Insurance Association

With an accounting year that starts on April 1 and ends on March 31 the following year, the health insurance association adopts a single-year accounting system every year in which the expenditure for the year is covered by the income from the same year.
A major part of the income comes from insurance fees paid by employees and the business owner, and far smaller amounts come from a government subsidy for office expenses, and from other miscellaneous income.
Of total expenditure, a large proportion is accounted for by medical costs incurred by employees attending doctors’ appointments, and insurance proceeds including various allowances. The remainder of annual expenditure is accounted for by fund benefits and support payments for the elderly, health service business operating costs, and office expenses, etc. In particular, we have been proactive in our emphasis on our health service business, which is an outstanding advantage of the health insurance association.
If a closing balance remains at the end of an accounting period, we are obliged to deposit a fixed amount of money as a legal reserve for future benefit payments, while the remaining amount can be kept as a special reserve fund, or can be carried forward to the next accounting period.

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