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About health insurance

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Health insurance is a public medical insurance system to cope with situations where an insured person becomes sick or is injured and takes time off work, and also for childbirth and death.

  • The health insurance system also covers workers at private enterprises, including salaried workers, and their families can become members of the scheme.
  • Health insurance is funded by insured people and employers co-paying insurance premiums.

“Health insurance” which prepares for contingency situations

Situations such as getting ill or injured and having to take time off work, and also childbirth and death, require unexpected expenditures. There are also times when incomes dry up and your life becomes unstable. To prepare for these kinds of situations, Japan has a public medical insurance system in which insured people pay insurance premiums on a regular basis, and from this financial source those in need can receive insurance benefits. Health insurance is one of these public medical insurance systems.

A “health insurance association” administers health insurance

A health insurance association is a public corporation operating in the field of medical insurance. Business sites where more than 700 employees are continuously working or business sites where there are more than 3,000 employees of the same type or in the same business are able to establish a health insurance association by obtaining approval from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Health Insurance association (Kenpo) was established on July 1, 1981.

Role of a health insurance association

  1. Insurance benefits – centered on medical benefits –

    Medical care expenditures are co-paid and various benefits are provided to insured people and their dependents in situations such as having to take time off work due to sickness, injuries, childbirth, or death.

  2. Health service business – promotion of health –

    Various business services are conducted to support “promotion of health” of insured people and their dependents.
    These business services include provision of health information, all kinds of medical checkups with the aim of preventing diseases, and provision of opportunities to access sports facilities and recreation facilities.

Independent and democratic administration

The administration of a health insurance association is conducted independently and democratically within the extent provided in the Health Insurance Act by representatives of the employer and the employees, each having the same number of representatives.

Organization of a health insurance association

Association board The association board is the highest decision-making body, like the national assembly of a nation, and decides on the purpose and how to conduct things. It decides important matters including articles, insurance fee premiums, business service plans, budgets, as well as account settlement. The association board is constituted by selected representatives chosen by the employer and also mutually elected representatives of the insured persons, each having the same number.
Board of directors The board of directors is like the government of a nation, a body that executes matters decided at the association board meetings. The board of directors is constituted of directors chosen from selected representatives and mutually elected representatives, each having the same number.
Chief director One chief director is appointed from directors chosen from the selected representatives. The chief director is the chief officer in charge of association administration and represents the association.
Managing director With the approval of the board of directors, the chief director appoints a managing director from the directors. The managing director assists the chief director and handles required matters in administrating regular business services.
Inspector Two inspectors are appointed, one from the selected representatives and another from the mutually elected representatives, and they audit the execution of operations and the financial status.

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